Jim Laker - bowler to take 10 wicket haul for the first time in test cricket

There are as many as 87 instances when a bowler has taken 10 wicket haul in an innings in first class cricket history and some of them weren’t 11 a side matches. Here are some facts related to 10 wickets haul in a first class innings.

[1] First Player To Take 10 Wicket Haul

The ‘Nonpareil’ FW Lillywhite was the first ever player to take 10 wicket haul in an innings in first class cricket history. He was playing for Players against Gentlemen in 1837 at Lord’s. Though Gentlemen had 16 players in their side whereas, Players had 11 players in their side.

And as far as 11-a-side is concerned E Hinkly was the first bowler to take 10 wickets in an innings. (Kent vs England, 1848 at Lord’s)

FW Lillywhite - first bowler to take 10 wicket haul in an innings

[2] Player To Achieve The Feat in More Than 11-A-Side Match

  • FW Lillywhite (Players vs Gentlemen 1838)
  • J Wisden (All England 11 vs Yorkshire 1851)
  • EM Grace (Gentlemen of MCC vs Gentlemen of Kent 1862)
  • WG Grace (Gentlemen of MCC vs Kent 1873)
  • DCS Hinds (AB Still’s XI vs Trinidad 1901)

[3] 10 Wicket Haul Multiple Times(Innings)

AP Freeman is the only bowler to achieve this feat 3 different times.

  • 1) 10-131 Kent vs Lancashire, 1929
  • 2) 10-53 Kent vs Essex, 1930
  • 3) 10-79 Kent vs Lancashire, 1931

While WG Grace, VE Walker, H Verity & J Wisden – bowlers to achieve the feat for 2 times.

WG Grace

  • 1) 10-92 Gentlemen MCC vs Kent 1873 (According to some other sources it was in 1862 & the bowling figure was 10-69)
  • 2) 10-49 MCC vs Oxford University 1886

VE Walker

  • 1) 10-104 Middlesex vs Lancashire 1865
  • 2) 10-74 England vs Surrey 1859

H Verity

  • 1) 10-10 Yorkshire vs Nottinghamshire 1932
  • 2) 10-36 Yorkshire vs Warwickshire 1931

J Wisden

  • 1) 10-58 All England 11 vs Yorkshire 1851
  • 2) 10-? South vs North 1850 (number of runs he conceded was not known)

[4] Most 10 Wicket Haul By Host Country


[5] Oldest & Youngest Bowler To Achieve The feat

W Bestwick is the oldest bowler to achieve the feat. He took 10 wicket in an innings at the age of 46 Years 116 Days for Derbyshire against Glamorgan in 1921.

Imran Adil is the youngest bowler to do so. He achieved this feat against Faisalabad while playing for Bahawalpur in 1989. At that time his age was 18 years 344 days.

[6] 10 Wicket Haul On Debut

AE Moss is the only bowler to take 10 wicket in his debut match. He was playing for Canterbury against Wellington in 1989 in that match.

AE Moss - only bowler to take 10 wicket in an innings in his debut match

[7] Top 5 Best Bowling Spell

  • 1) 10-10 H Verity (Yorkshire vs Nottinghamshire 1932)
  • 2) 10-18 G Geary (Leicestershire vs Glamorgan 1929)
  • 3) 10-20 PM Chatterjee (Bengal vs Assam 1957)
  • 4) 10-26 AEE Vogler (Eastern Province vs Griqualand West 1906)
  • 5.A) 10-28 AE Moss (Cantebury vs Wellington 1889)
  • 5.B) 10-28 WP Howell (Australians vs Surrey 1899)
  • 5.C) 10-28 N Akhtar (Rawalpindi B vs Peshwar 1995)

[8] Only Bowler To Take 2 10 Wicket Haul In A Year

Jim Laker is the only player to take 2 10 wicket haul in a FC innings twice in a year (May & July 1956) – one against Australians – other one against Australia. Interestingly, on both occasions Colin McDonald top scored with 89!

[9] All 10 Wickets Were Bowled

John Wisden remains the only bowler to have got all his wickets by knocking over the stumps. He took all of his wickets via bowled in 1850 in a match between South & North at Lord’s.

[10] Most Wickets in A Match When Bowler Took 10 Wicket Haul in An Innings

JC Laker19
FW Lillywhite18
C Blythe17
AEE Vogler16
GC Collins16
GAR Lock16
AP Freeman16
G Geary16
GF Tarrant16
PM Pushpakumara16
TWJ Goddart16
E Hinkly16
P Sunderam16
Jim Laker - bowler to take 10 wicket haul for the first time in test cricket

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